All you need is love. This makes up the chorus of that catchy Beatles tune released in 1967 during the Summer of Love. I dare you not to hum a few bars. But aside from this song that is now stuck in your head (sorry about that), is it true? Is love really all we need?

Ah, Love….the very word conjures up images of a couple sillouetted in front of the Eiffel Tower. It is the inspiration for countless songs and rom coms. Hallmark alone churns out romance movies faster than an assembly line could. But is this really what love is? This romantic, passionate type of love can be described as eros, just one of the multiple types of love defined by the ancient Greeks. Other types include agape love meaning benevolence for others or pertaining to divinity, while philia is a brotherly or friendship love. Playful love is called ludus, longstanding love is known as pragma and a love of self is defined as philautia. Perhaps all of these types of love together make up that part of a person which desires to love and be loved.

Love makes us hopeful. Despite the alarming divorce rate in our country, over 2 million couples married every year for the last decade. Love can fulfill us. Helping others is a way to show the force of love; to soften the blows the harshness of our world sometimes doles out. It allows us a way to offer an extension of ourselves into the world. The selfless nature of a pure love can connect us to another person in ways we can’t even imagine. Love has the ability to heal hearts, cover up scars and change our world. Maybe the Beatles were onto something.

Maybe all we need is love.